Still Flourishing?

Have you heard about the Law of Entropy? Whether you have heard of it or not, keep reading. We’ll talk about how this law can help or hinder you.

In physics, the Law of Entropy says that all systems, if left unattended, will run down. Unless new energy is supplied, every organism deteriorates. Looked at, in a different way, the same law applies to individuals and relationships, teams and organizations.

A marriage doesn’t continue to thrive simply because two people love each other, have some things in common, are compatible, and get off to a fine start. No matter how good our lives seem to be, we won’t continue to enjoy those good lives if we don’t work to maintain them and pump new energy into them. When attention fades over time, old habits creep back into people and organizations, and the momentum to push forward disappears.

We cannot assume that our internal system, if left unattended and un-refreshed, will go on running smoothly either. Machines don’t work that way, and neither do we. Albert Schweitzer once wrote that some people “harm their souls… without being exposed to great temptations. They simply let their souls wither not realizing that thoughts, which meant a great deal to them in their youth, have turned into meaningless sounds.”

What do you do to counteract personal or organizational Entropy? What do you do to make certain that your relationships with others, and with yourself, are well nourished and flourishing? What do you do, within your teams or departments, to keep creativity bubbling up, with drive and energy ready to be tapped?

With proper attention and care, you can keep the energy in your life flowing and growing for the rest of your days. There are a lot more resources today than ever before, and sometimes, they are right at your fingertips.