What Can I Do to Help?

Let’s look today at the idea of purpose and how this idea can help you as you continually move toward a better life.

Associates of The Pacific Institute have put a lot of time and energy into helping people, all over the world, develop and strengthen their own clear purpose. Sometimes we call it a goal or a vision, but no matter what we call it, it has tremendous power, especially when it is very clear and we – as individuals, groups, teams, organizations – strengthen and affirm it over and over.

The “catch” in creating a clear purpose is to actually make it clear. If it’s too vague, nothing much will happen. It’s a little like the person who says, “All my life I’ve wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific!” The good news is, it isn’t too late to get specific.

You see, a specific purpose that you care deeply about gives you tremendous energy and tremendous resources. Our awareness gets kicked into over-drive, helping us see more than we would without the goal. There are thousands of stories, every day, about people who have accomplished amazing things out of a strong sense of purpose. Most of them are everyday heroes. You may not read about them in the papers, Facebook posts or see them in YouTube videos, but they are heroes, nevertheless.

What about you? What’s your purpose? If you’re not sure, ask yourself some questions: “What do I value? To what do I devote my time and energy? Is my purpose survival, or is it something more? Has it changed from what it used to be? How might it be different in the future?” Or maybe it’s something as simple as, “What can I do to help?”

There is need everywhere we look. It’s a matter of opening up our awareness to understand where our purpose fits another’s need. So, start today to be the everyday hero of your own purposeful life. Almost anything is possible – we just need to look!