Reaching the Summit

When you think about mountain climbing, maybe your stomach does a little flip-flop. But, you know, people who are successful in life are really a lot like mountain climbers. They don’t start out climbing Mount Everest. Instead they train and practice on smaller slopes until they build the skills and confidence to move on to bigger challenges.

When they choose a goal, they map out a plan and, as much as possible, they follow it. They equip themselves as well as they possibly can and they learn from the competition. They learn from mistakes made in the past. They fully expect to run into problems, so when they do, it doesn’t throw them. They deal with them as best they can and move on.

Mountain climbers and high achievers keep their fear and negative thinking under control because they know that these things will defeat them more certainly than any avalanche or sudden storm. They also understand the importance of persistence and tenacity. And finally, every now and then, they bite off a little more than they are absolutely certain they can chew.

Like the saying goes, “When there’s no place to go but up, you go up.”

Now, you may not want to conquer Everest, K2, Denali or Kilimanjaro. But is there another “mountain” in your life just calling out to be climbed? Is there a mountain in your organization that is just begging to be conquered? If you are like most folks, there is. And you know, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can do it – once you set your mind to it.

Plan the route and map it out. Research mistakes made in the past. Scope out any obstacles that might show up on your way up the “mountain” you want to conquer. Focus and persist. And be prepared to plant your flag once you reach the summit.