Cultivate Enthusiasm

Did you ever notice that the people with the most enthusiasm are also the ones with the most energy? There is a scientific reason for that.

Neurologists have proven that when you do something with enthusiasm, it takes approximately one-tenth the effort that it takes to do ordinary things. They sweep aside the “have to” and go straight to “want to.” People who are enthusiastic about their work don’t feel dragged out at the end of a long day. Instead, when they stop working, they are likely to feel exhilarated.

Kids who are excited about what they are learning are also the kids who have about five other things going on for them after school time is done for the day. That love of learning spreads to everything else they are doing. They have learned early on to find the fun and enjoyment in discovering something new every day.

Seniors who continue to live active, purposeful lives tend to live longer and maintain their good health. These seniors are those same kids who were excited about learning and are now all grown up. And with that wisdom comes the realization that holding on to enthusiasm brightens each day and makes it a whole lot easier to get up in the morning!

You know, the word “enthusiasm” comes from the Latin “to be inspired by God.” That’s how good it feels. And it doesn’t just feel good to you¬ – it feels good to everyone who comes into contact with you, because enthusiasm is delightfully contagious in the very best of ways. So, it’s important to show your enthusiasm when you feel it.

One final word: Enthusiasm and pessimism are incompatible. That vital spirit that is you can’t contain both at the same time. It’s like the brain that cannot hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. Enthusiasm and pessimism are mutually exclusive. So, don’t curb your enthusiasm. Cultivate it! Throw in a healthy dose of optimism and watch your energy level soar!