Internal Communications

Some folks are able to stay in touch with other people all over the globe, and have gotten incredibly creative on how to do this. Unfortunately, some of us really have trouble staying in touch with ourselves. In this world of amazing technological innovation, when it comes to internal communications, it is astonishing how clueless we can be about our own health.

The concepts and techniques that form the core foundation of The Pacific Institute’s programs have a great deal to do with shaping the best possible future for individuals, groups and organizations. A critical part of that process, however, is having a good handle on current reality.

Now, current reality – CR – is many things. There may be parts of CR you don’t like very much and parts of CR you are pretty pleased with. Regardless of how you feel about your current reality, it is important to accept the fact that what is, “is” – at least for the time being.

Would you avoid going to the doctor because you didn’t want to learn that you have a serious illness? Most of us wouldn’t do that, although some do. Interestingly, many of us do have illness sneak up on us, because we are not paying attention to the signals we are getting from our bodies all the time – signals for more rest or less stress, a better diet, signals for more exercise, less alcohol, etc.

Are you aware of the muscle tension that precedes a headache? Are you aware of the discomfort that, over time, creates an ulcer? Are you aware of the shortness of breath that precedes lung disease? You can be. You can learn to tune in to your body in the same manner as you look at your cell phone, scanning it quickly for discomfort or distress.

By paying attention today, preventative measures can be taken early enough to make a positive difference, and you may be able to spare yourself the harsh reality of serious illness.