Meeting Challenges

We have mentioned this topic on a couple of occasions recently, so let’s talk a little bit more about how accepting challenges can help you.

Life sends all of us challenges that we may not feel up to meeting. This new reality is certainly a perfect example of that. In these times, it is our persistence and resiliency that we rely on, in addition to our sense of personal efficacy, to move us forward. However, when we create our own challenges, there are additional benefits.

One time, an archeology professor, who had not been in the field for many years, was offered an opportunity to join an expedition to search for lost cities in the Northern Andes. Since it meant 30 days on horseback in high mountain jungles, and scaling 3,000-foot high cliffs to search for ancient tombs, it was something he thought twice about at age 50.

Yet, accepting this special challenge not only brought him a renewed sense of competency and excitement in life, it also significantly changed his assumptions concerning the whole concept of aging and maturity. He found that it wasn’t age, but rather his spirit and courage that counted. He returned with a new zest for life.

Why not test some of your assumptions and call upon resources that your ordinary/everyday life hasn’t needed until lately? An immersive virtual trip to a totally different culture could do it, or try putting in a vegetable garden, or learning some other activity with which you have absolutely no experience. Put yourself out there! You never know until you try, just what you are capable of doing.

These are challenging times, but a lot of those challenges are coming from outside of us. Take a look inside. How long has it been since you really challenged yourself? Do you remember how good it felt? Good – now go do something about it!