Imagination, Off the Leash

When you decide your beliefs aren’t working very well for you, how do you go about changing them?

We’ve talked about how you might read about successful people you admire and study their beliefs. Then, if you choose to, you may decide to make some of their beliefs your own.

How do you do this? Well, one way is to use your very powerful imagination. Ask yourself, “What would it look like if I believed I was confident, competent, and comfortable?” “What would it look like if I were warm, loving and joyful?” “How would I behave?” “How would I feel?” “How would I treat others?”

These are important questions, and their answers are vital to any change you want to make. To make your answers more real, in your mind, close your eyes and picture your answers as vividly as possible. One at a time, feel the feelings, hear the sounds, and see it in living color. Take a little bit of time, and really get into how it would look and feel. Let your imagination off the leash and experience the new.

Right now, you know this new picture isn’t really you – yet. Here’s a tip: Affirm what you imagine in words as if it were true, right now: “I am confident, competent, and comfortable!”
“I am warm, loving and joyful!” “Those people around me feel my affection and love every day.”

Repeat the process at least twice a day, every day, with full concentration on the pictures you have created. You see, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between actual events and those you vividly imagine. If you eliminate negative conversations you keep having with yourself at the same time, you will soon begin to behave like the new picture. Over time, it will become more like you than the old way.

Test it out on something small, just to prove to yourself that it works. And once you have proven it to yourself, take on something bigger, something closer to your heart – who you want to be going forward.