Figuring Out What I Want

Let’s go back a bit, and build upon the themes that have been introduced since the beginning of January. You are going to walk through a process of vision-setting and goal-setting that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. And when we are done, New Year’s resolutions will seem like an old-fashioned parlor game.

Ask yourself the question, “Where am I going?” For most of us, that is a question upon which we spend far too little time. And when we do, it is usually because of some out-of-the-ordinary situation that has happened, forcing us to take a look. Well, let’s take the “have to” out of it, and really spend a few (or several) moments honestly observing where we are going. (Honesty is a key piece in this.)

You might want to write down your thoughts and observations. Journaling will provide you with more insights and “ah ha!” moments than you can imagine. Once you see these thoughts on paper, you will see patterns start to emerge – patterns that may not have been obvious while they were locked inside your brain.

Once you have honestly figured out where you are going, it’s time to decide if this is what you truly “want.” Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way, and we lose contact with those things that we know will fulfill us. Not material things, but letting loose those talents and abilities that have been locked up inside us, waiting to be expressed.

So, when you have a few moments of quiet, let your mind “out for a walk” and spend some time thinking about what it is you really want – want to have, want to be, want to do. Hang out a sign that says, “No Restrictions” on your musings, and just let your mind wander. Write down what you are thinking about. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the next step in the process.