Yes, I Can

Here is a proposition for your consideration: Using the phrase, “I can’t” is actually contrary to what it means to be human.

Over the millennia of recorded human history, the story (so far) is one of progress or, at least, improvement of the human experience. Each “today” is better than yesterday, and each tomorrow is reflected in today’s hopes and dreams. We are constantly working toward something better. “I can’t” or “We can’t” simply gets in the way.

In the past, if we had allowed “I can’t” to get in the way, there would have been no sea trade by the Phoenicians; no Silk Road from Asia Minor to China; no “New World” to discover; no automobile, no telephone; and certainly no mobile phones or texting. There would have been no written language, no books, nor any music. You can completely forget space exploration, and the medical and scientific benefits we have received from that. You see, it is simply human nature to say, “I can.”

The history of the human species is a grand illustration of the need to grow, to achieve, to fulfill potential – to be better than before. Indeed, the need to constantly expand our knowledge and experience is uniquely human, as evidenced by the fact that no group of animals, fish or fowl have planned and carried out a mission to the moon or beyond – at least, not one we know of.

So, the next time you react to a challenge by saying, “I can’t,” stop yourself. Think again. Embrace all that makes you human, and ask yourself, “What if I could?” Because, you see, you can. Remember: Yesterday’s dreams are today’s realities. Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s opportunities.

It’s time to let go of the old “I can’t” habit, and seize the opportunities for growth and expansion in your life.