No Place to Go but Up

When you think about mountain climbing, maybe your stomach does a little flip-flop. But, you know, people who are successful in life are really a lot like mountain climbers. They don’t start out climbing Mount Everest or K-2, or even Kilimanjaro. Instead, they train and practice on smaller slopes until they build the skills and confidence to move on to bigger challenges.

When mountain climbers choose a goal, they map out a plan and, as much as possible, they follow it. They equip themselves as well as they possibly can and they learn from the competition. They fully expect to run into problems, so when they do, it doesn’t throw them.

They deal with them as best they can and move on. They keep their fear and negative thinking under control because they know that these things will defeat them more certainly than any avalanche. They also understand the importance of persistence and tenacity. And finally, every now and then they bite off a little more than they are absolutely certain they can chew.

Like a mountain climber once said, when there’s no place to go but up, you go up. Now, you may not want to conquer Everest, but it’s a sure bet that there’s a mountain in your life just calling out to be climbed. What do you want to do about that?

Goal-set. Prepare. Plan. Equip. Pack your resiliency and flexibility.

Then, go up!