Becoming Extraordinary

How do athletes go from contender to superstar? How do ordinary people become extraordinary? Here’s a secret to achieve breakthrough performance in your everyday life.

Everyone has times when they feel like they are unstoppable, times when they are doing whatever it is they do best, with ease, grace and incredible skill. But no one, not even the best of the best, can operate in that ideal performance-state 100% of the time. The secret to achieving extraordinarily high levels of performance is learning how to take command of your mind and body so that you can operate at your peak when you need to, and relax and recover in between.

Here’s how:

First, goal-setting is a key. Many people don’t like to set goals because they don’t like to fail. However, you must develop mental toughness if you’re going to grow, and setting and achieving goals is an effective way to do that. Another way is to develop the ability to get rid of negative thoughts when they occur and substitute images of achievement and positive results.

Finally, sticking to a sensible program of self-care – including good nutrition, regular restful sleep, built-in periods of laughter and play, and vigorous physical exercise – will do wonders for your self-image and keep your brain in tip-top performance.

It is natural to start thinking about these things as we settle in to a new year. So why not take that natural energy, refuse to settle for “ordinary” in your life, and goal-set to go after whatever you deem extraordinary. And when you do, go after it with everything you have and believe in your ability to make it happen!

Everything you need is already inside you, including the ability to find whatever isn’t readily at hand. You have the power. You are in control, of you.