Predicting Your Future

Would you like to be able to predict the future – especially your future? You can, you know, to a great extent. If you want to know what’s in store for you, take a look at your thoughts today. What do you think about? What do you dwell on and picture? What do you fear? What do you expect and believe you can cause?

You see, it is your present thoughts that determine your future. Now, that’s not to say that if you imagine yourself walking on water you’ll do it, or if you think about winning the lottery you will. (What is the old joke about how to win the lottery? “Buy a ticket!”) But if your thoughts are predominantly pessimistic, if you expect to fail, if you believe you don’t deserve success or don’t have what it takes to have a loving relationship, then you’ll behave accordingly. Your actions are reflections of your thoughts and what you believe, and your subconscious will do what it needs to do to create a reality that confirms your thoughts.

If you’re an optimist, on the other hand, and most of your thoughts are positive, if you trust yourself and others and think a lot about how good it will feel when you achieve and become what you want, chances are very good you’ll succeed. You will do what you need to do to make your life match your inner picture, your thoughts. So you see, although you can’t always control what happens in the outside world, you can control your inner one – your thoughts.

And when you control your inner thoughts, you unleash tremendous energy, tremendous drive. You are taking control of your life, because you are taking control of your choices. When you choose to respond to the world in positive, productive ways, it’s easy to predict a positive, productive future – one you create yourself, day by day.