Past to Present to Future

What is a mentor? What is that mentors do? Can having a mentor help you succeed? These are good questions to be asking, and today we’re going to be answering them.

The origin story of the word “mentor” comes from Greek mythology. The person of Mentor was a friend of Odysseus, who took on the responsibility of tutoring Odysseus’ son Telemachus. The name has since become the definition of a faithful and wise adviser. If you study successful individuals throughout history, you will usually find a highly-prized mentor in each person’s background.

These days, there are many sophisticated tools available to help those who want to be successful. An internet search will come up with millions of references. Still, one of the most valuable assets anyone can have is also one of the oldest. This is where a mentor comes in – someone who can help you learn the ropes, find your way around obstacles, and chart a course that will get you where you want to go.

Mention the subject with those friends or relatives you consider successful, whether they are in business or one of the professions, sports, the arts, or any other field of endeavor, and you will find that each has had the benefit of at least one mentor. Very often, they’ve had many more than that.

Mentors are people who have achieved success themselves and want to pass along what they’ve learned to others. They don’t usually tell you what to do – that’s not their role – but they do help you weigh your options and think through decisions.

So, before we end today, who is your mentor, to help you plot your future? And, secondly, who are you mentoring? You, too, have valuable insights to pass along, to help those following make effective decisions for their futures.