What Could It Hurt?

Is there anything about your life that you’d like to change? If so, here are a couple of ideas. If you don’t have anything you’d like to change, well, read on anyway. What could it hurt?

What would you like to change about your life? If you’d like to do more than hope for this change, it’s a good idea to write out specific goals and sub-goals detailing the steps you need to take in order to get there.

It’s also a good idea to support your change efforts by using affirmations and visualizations, because all meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside first, and then moves out. You see, if you use them correctly, affirmations and visualizations will help you take a lot of the stress out of change.

Now, it’s important to remember that change needs to be something you really want to do, not just something you think you have to do, or should do. If it is a “have-to,” you will get a lot of push-back from your subconscious.

It is the people who are totally satisfied with their lives, exactly the way they are, that cause concern. You see, humans are teleological beings, which means they are goal-directed. If there is nothing you are striving for, nothing you really want to accomplish or change, life becomes stale and you become complacent. You lose your creative energy and drive and you flatten out.

The same thing happens to organizations that allow themselves to “enjoy” their success for a little too long, and lose the competitive drive, the abundance of energy, that got them to where they are today.

So, if you could use an energy boost, try setting some achievable goals that matter to you and see what happens. What could it hurt?