Replacing the Negative

Are you worried about losing your job? Or maybe you’ve already lost a job and worry that you won’t find another. When you lose your job, for whatever reason, you can be thrown for a loop.

If your skills and experience are in great demand it might not bother you much. However, if you work in an industry that is having hard times, or going through tremendous change, you may wonder how you are going to survive.

In fact, you may spend a lot of time imagining all the terrible things that could happen to you and your family if you don’t find work soon. And if you can’t imagine these things, then you can simply turn on the television news and you can see it in glorious, living color.

It is important to know that those things you are imagining, over and over again in your mind – those negative pictures of poverty, doom and gloom – have a great deal of power. Neuroscience research points out that negativity has a stronger influence on our perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and memories. Our negative vocabulary is even more richly descriptive that our positive vocabulary. All of this affects the decisions we make. It is easy to see how we inevitably move toward and become like what we think about.

So, avoid dwelling on the disastrous possibilities of unemployment. Instead, put your mental energy into imagining not what you don’t want, but what you do want. See yourself energetically and confidently moving into a new work situation. Affirm yourself as a valuable employee with transferable skills and an excellent “can do” attitude.

See your family growing closer as you support each other to success. Train yourself to stop the negative thoughts before they can get a toe-hold, and create a dominant picture that is positive. You will automatically behave in ways that will bring about success. Have confidence in the fact that this is how your brain is made, and use this as a springboard for your future.