Building Self-Confidence

Do you ever wish you had more self-confidence? Self-confidence is one of the most important feelings any adult or child can experience. In fact, confidence in our abilities and ourselves often accounts for the difference between people who succeed and those who do not. But how do you become self-confident?

There are a number of things you can do to build your feelings of confidence. One of the most important is the deliberate acquisition and strengthening of meaningful skills. Stewart Brand, founder and publisher of “The Whole Earth Catalog,” said that, “The formula for an interesting life is skills – acquire them and use them. The more skills, the more interesting you become. Skills automatically give us pride and confidence.” Skills also help us to feel competent and powerful, especially when we can use them to accomplish personally meaningful goals.

In addition to learning new skills, it is also important to leverage the ones you already have – learning how to get more mileage out of things you already know how to do. People who are peak performers are always looking for new information in their field so they can maintain their competitive edge.

These top performers know that no matter who you are, it is important that you never stop growing. When you are busy learning new things and improving on what you already know, you just naturally feel more confident.

In this day and age, with internet access, there are literally thousands of videos that teach all sorts of skills for every kind and type of interest. And while they teach specific skills, they are also providing opportunities for building confidence.

So, what will you do today, tomorrow and in the future to continue growing and building your self-confidence?