Letting Go of Worry

What would you like to avoid in your life? Most of us try to avoid certain things like illness and injury, poverty, stress, depression and pain, just to name a few.

Now, it makes sense to try to avoid these things as much as possible. However, some people spend an enormous amount of time worrying about how to avoid them, and worrying about how to cope with them if they do happen to occur. Well, just by spending that much time worrying, they are pretty much eliminating the possibility of feeling happy.

These folks are also raising their stress level, thereby weakening their immune system, which makes them more susceptible to the illness and pain they are trying to avoid. Depression often follows excessive worry, and if you are stressed and depressed, chances are you are not going to do your best at work, at home, or anyplace else.

You see, worry creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, because we move toward and become like what we think about. When we worry, the pictures we are creating in our minds are overwhelmingly negative. Remember, as human beings, we are picture oriented. We follow the strongest pictures in our minds. So, if we spend most of our time worrying about something, we shouldn’t be surprised when it, obligingly, shows up.

Worrying is a lot like paying for trouble, before you get the bill. You wouldn’t think of doing that with your money, would you? So, why in the world would you do it with something more precious than money – your time and your life?

For every minute you spend worrying, how could you be affirming personal success and happiness instead?