Let Your Mind Off Its Leash

As we here in the Northern Hemisphere bask in those lazy days of summer, a lot of us find that sunshine promotes some lively daydreaming. It’s a little like letting your mind “off the leash” to wander where it will. This valuable time to think can give us the opportunity for what Lou liked to call “ah-ha!” moments.

How many times have you suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, found yourself saying, “Yes! Now that makes sense! Why didn’t I realize this before?” Insights seem to come at the strangest times for some of us. They come in the shower, in the carwash, out for an evening walk, or standing in line for your morning espresso – in short, anywhere!

It seems that our insights come when we have given our minds time to think, without forcing answers on the conscious level. How many times have you given yourself a problem to solve, handed it off to your subconscious mind, and then let go of conscious control? Does this not sound “normal” to you? Well, believe it or not, given enough time, the answers you need come through, complete with all the details.

There is great value in giving yourself time to think, for active reflection is the launching pad for change and growth. Those few moments of quiet reflection allow us to drain away the stress of the day, and also focus in on what is truly important in our lives.

Give yourself time to think, time to focus your thoughts on what you truly want in your life. Let go of the conscious demands of the day, and wait for those insights that will surely come – maybe even at the end of your “leash!”