Teaching By Example

What is the best way to teach children? There are many theories about the most effective way to teach children. Some say repetition is important, while others say hands-on experiences are better. Some say kids learn best in a highly structure environment, while others think the freedom to experiment works best.

Perhaps the best way to teach children – is by loving example. This means that if you want your children to enjoy reading, cuddle them while you read to them, from a very early age. If you want them to be respectful, give them your respect.  If you want them to be honest, tell them the truth. And, if you want them to be affectionate, treat them that way.

If you want your kids to be good communicators, give them plenty of interest and attention. And, if you would like them to eventually be capable of a good, solid relationship with a spouse, work on your own marriage until it shines. You see, it won’t matter what you tell them, if what you do doesn’t match up with what you say.

You can tell them to be honest, but if they know you cheat on your taxes, lie about being sick to your employer, or say one thing in public and another at home, they will learn from your behavior – not from your words. Learning personal accountability won’t have a chance to grow in them.

So, if you want your children to be happy and competent, don’t worry so much about exactly how or what subjects to teach them. If you put your energy into living the best life you can, and make sure your kids know that they are well-loved, you will be teaching them a lesson that will stay with them throughout their lives.